What is it?
The Flyboard is a water jet board that connects to a jetski. The jetflyer's feet are strapped on to the board. The power from the jetski converts in to a 45 ft hose and out the jet outlets on the board.
The Jet pack is similar but instead of being strapped in by your feet the Jet pack is strapped on to your back. You control with jet pack with hand controls. A tandem seat can be used so that an experienced pilot may take a passenger.

How long is each flight?

The Hero flight is 20 minutes in the water plus 5 – 10 minutes onshore training.
The Super Hero flight is 35 minutes in the water plus 5 -10 minutes onshore training.

Jet Pack
The Tandem flight is a 15-minutes ride in the water. Gearing up with wetsuit, life vest etc, may take an extra 15 minutes. Allow 30 minutes all up.
The Solo session is a 40-minute session included in that time is a 10-minute onshore training session and 30 minutes in the water. Allow 1 hour for the Solo session.

Is the water cold?
Lake Wakatipu can be cold, but with our 5 mm think wetsuits, you don't even feel the cold once your adrenaline starts pumping.

I'm worried I won't get up and flying?
Our experienced instructors will train you before and during your Flyboard or Jet pack session. They will help you to get you up and flying with ease.
No training is needed for your Tandem Jet Pack Flight.

Is there a minimum age limit?
The Flyboard has a minimum age of 10 for both flight options
The Jetpack has a minimum age of 12 for the Solo session.
The tandem jet pack option has a minimum age of 6.

I can't swim, can I still Flyboard or Jet Pack?
You must be confident in the water. If you can't swim at all! I'm afraid you won't be able to Flyboard or Jet Pack
The Tandem JetPack option is does not require any swimming ability.

What if I dive underwater and don't come up again?
Everything floats so as soon as you go underwater for a period of time the experienced instructor will cut the engine and you'll float.

How hard is it?
Flyboarding is very easy and only takes about 5 mins to get up and flying. Our experienced Flyboard instructors will give you a private lesson before your flying experience and also give you tips along the way. We guarantee that you will get flying like a super hero.

The Jetpack has slightly more training involved. It is a bigger unit with more to think about. Our instructors are able to talk to you via a waterproof, in helmet radio to give you instructions instantly.

Does it make you feel like a super hero?
Yes, yes it does

What should I wear?
We provide everything for you wetsuit, life vest, helmet. You may bring togs/swimwear and a towel if you like.

How does it work?
The Jetski provides all the power for the Water Flight System. Once throttle is applied to the Jetski, the intake on the Jetski sucks up the water, then into a big metal elbow at the back. Redirecting the water 180 degrees into a 45ft hose and out through the Water Flight System that is strapped to your feet or back.

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